How to Cut Losses?

Answer Image:Cash Money's, Day 312 of 365.jpgThe phrase "cut your losses" refers to accepting that you've lost something in a situation and moving forward to avoid losing any more. Knowing how and when to... Read More »

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How to Sue an Annuity for Losses?

Annuities are investment products sold by insurance companies to help investors save toward retirement in a tax-deferred account. Annuities offer fixed rates or variable mutual fund returns dependi... Read More »

Are 401(k) losses tax deductible?

In most instances, 401k losses are not tax deductible. Due to the fact that income from 401K is tax deferred, losses cannot be used as deductions, according to the Internal Revenue Service.Source:I... Read More »

How to Deduct IRA Losses?

The Internal Revenue Service permits people to deduct losses from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs), but only in limited circumstances and only against their tax basis in the account, not... Read More »

Are annuity losses tax deductible?

You can claim a deduction for the money lost on an annuity if the annuity has been completely surrendered or cashed in, but you can not deduct losses due to trades of an annuity. The total amount y... Read More »