How to Cut Light Galvanized Metal?

Answer Cutting light gauge galvanized metal properly will leave the surface surrounding the cut flat with no distortion. It is possible to properly perform the process without purchasing expensive power t... Read More »

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What is galvanized metal?

Galvanized metal is metal that has been "hot-dip galvanized," which means that it has been coated in zinc. Steel and iron are typically galvanized to prevent them from rusting because zinc is much ... Read More »

What is galvanized metal made of?

Galvanized metal is typically steel or iron that has been "hot-dip galvanized" with zinc. This means that it is zinc-coated. Galvanization makes the steel or iron more resistant to corrosion, they ... Read More »

How to Paint a Galvanized Metal Pig?

Galvanized metal is coated with a layer of zinc that protects the surface from rust. Unfortunately, this process makes the metal highly resistant to adhesion. If you wish to paint a galvanized orna... Read More »

How to Cover Galvanized Metal?

Galvanization refers to the process of covering steel or iron with zinc in order to protect the underlying metals from corrosion. Zinc, relatively, has far less of a corrosion resistance than iron ... Read More »