How to Cut Laminate?

Answer Cutting laminate refers to the first step in installing a new counter or bar-top, sizing a custom floor, or accenting other interior areas of your home. This does not have to be a job reserved only... Read More »

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Can you glue new laminate over old laminate countertops?

New laminate can be glued over old laminate countertops, provided the old surface is free of impurities, such as gouges and cracks. Sanding the old laminate will help the glue stick better. For bes... Read More »

Is laminate with foam attached better or worse than laminate without foam attached.?

It is not necessarily better or worse. It is easier for the "do-it-yourselfer" because it is already attached but it limits your choice as to which type of underlayment (foam) you can use. Most pre... Read More »

How to Cut Plastic Laminate?

There are many ways to cut thin sheets of plastic laminate, including using power saws, routers, hand slitters, dolphin-nosed tin snips and even office paper cutters. However, cutting laminate-face... Read More »

How do I cut laminate countertop?

Cut the Countertop With a Circular SawMeasure where to place the cut. Mark the cut location with a small pencil mark. Lay a piece of masking tape over the line the entire length of the countertop t... Read More »