How to Cut Hair Short Like Paris Hilton?

Answer Paris Hilton is a celebrity known for her fashion and style. While Hilton often wore hair extensions in the past, she naturally has fine, short hair that she wears in a playful bob. Due to her cele... Read More »

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Can Anyone Give me a short Answer to why Paris Hilton is Famous...?

T&A. Skimpy behaviour, slutty behaviour, porn film, and no fear of looking like a ***** to media. She's been good at using any sort of publicity to get attention.

Do u like paris hilton why or why not?

personally i think she is a bad influence on teenage girls and makes Americans look ingonrant and spoiled. i hate the fact that she has the greatest life and hasnt had to work for one minute. She i... Read More »

Why do you like Paris Hilton?

the sooner she drops dead, the happier I will be

Do I look like Paris Hilton?

Yes, you do look like her, but you should get your hair more blonder and use makeup that is expensive, and wear things that are similar to what she wears, but anywayz, I think you're very beautiful... Read More »