How to Cut Hair Like a Barber?

Answer Simple and detailed haircutting techniques that anyone can do in minutes. Cutting hair isn't just needs to be taught right. After reading this article, you WILL be able to cut hair.

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How to Cut a Bald Man's Hair Better Than a Barber?

I think everyone agrees: no comb overs! A shaved head is stylish but it requires daily maintenance. A short clipper cut is a stylish easy care alternative. Grooming a bald head is different from... Read More »

Hair & Barber Beauty Products?

Styling products are essential for taming a cowlick, creating voluminous curls or turning limp locks into a polished, smooth look. Some styling products are formulated to hold styles in place, rest... Read More »

When i go to my barber what should i ask him for this cut?

It's essentially an ivy league(long crew cut). The best way to describe the type of ivy league or any haircut is with a photo.รข... Read More »

How to Become a Better Barber?

You are a professional barber who receives good reviews from your customers at work. Good reviews are not enough for you, because you want to excel as a barber and ultimately become an expert. To b... Read More »