How to Cut Down on Garbage Pickup Expenses?

Answer In many areas, municipal garbage pickup is done on a weekly basis. In the spirit of reducing household costs as much as possible, here are some steps to help you cut down on garbage pickup expenses.

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Who owns the garbage at the curb for pickup?

According to the U.S. 7th District Court of Appeals ruling in “U.S. v. Redmon,” garbage left at the curb is public property, citing “abandonment.” The majority opinion in the 1988 U.S. Supr... Read More »

What does weekly garbage pickup cost?

here in Illinois if you live in a rural area you can burn it. what you might want to do is call your local government offices and see what they can do to help you. sorry that I couldn't help you an... Read More »

Can garlic peel go down a garbage disposal?

No. It will get stuck in the disposal and keep other foods from being ground up.

Should you put egg shells down the garbage disposal?

Well your other answers have a mix of composting hippies, and semi-correct people. Most garbage disposals will not handle half a citrus fruit. The rind is the problem, however, if you remove the pe... Read More »