How to Cut Down a Hollow Tree?

Answer If you have a hollow tree on your property and want to cut it down safely, you can do so yourself without hiring a professional aborist. The job is straightforward but requires a bit of planning to... Read More »

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Tree or bush that naturally grows hollow in Eastern US?

The twigs of all the bush honeysuckles are generally glabrous, thornless, and have a hollow brown pith when mature. Scientific Name: Lonicera mackii (Rubr.) Maxim; L. morrowii Gray; L. tartarica L.... Read More »

Can my neighbor cut down my tree?

Find out who cut the tree down first. Then find out if they had permission from the court to enter your property and do so.If the neighbour or local authority has done it without obtaining a court ... Read More »

How to Chop Down a Tree?

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If I cut a tree down to about 5 ft. tall.....?

Everyone tries things...what is the worst that can happen? It dies or it grows to b a tree again! :) or better yet you get the bush you want :)