How to Cut Dead Bolt Holes With a Hole Saw?

Answer Paper templates provided by door hardware manufacturers make dead bolt layout easy; do-it-yourselfers simply position and affix the templates to the door's edge. Despite assistance from templates, ... Read More »

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What size hole must i drill to tap for a 3/8 16 bolt?

The diameter and thread count of a hole determines the size of the hole drilled for tapping. The correct drill size to tap a 3/8-16 interior thread is a 5/16 inch diameter drill bit.Source:Harvard ... Read More »

What is a dead bolt?

The term "deadbolt" usually refers to a mechanical locking mechanism commonly used in doors for security reasons.DescriptionDeadbolts are locks commonly found in residential and commercial building... Read More »

Can an effected ear piercing in the third hole spread to the first and second holes (all earlobe piercings)?

It can infect your entire ear but I don't think it would specifically infect the holes unless those are newer piercing that aren't fully healed.

What is a dead bolt lock?

A deadbolt lock involves turning a key or lever so a steel rod moves from inside the door to a hole inside the door jam. They are often more secure than typical door-locking mechanisms.FunctionA ty... Read More »