How to Cut Credit Card Rates?

Answer Credit card companies will raise rates as interest rates on loans go up, when you are late on your payments or are considered a high credit risk. It is difficult to pay off a credit card when your ... Read More »

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What credit score is needed for good credit card rates?

If you are going by FICO scores, the range is 300 to 850 with the higher the number, the better. Usually, anything over 700 will get you a good credit card rate, and anything below 600 will get you... Read More »

How do I compare credit card rates in the UK?

Comparison SitesMake use of one of many all-purpose comparison sites available in the UK to compare credit card rates. Comparison websites such as and are free and impart... Read More »

How do I calculate credit card rates?

Divide the interest rate charged on the credit card by 12. This is the interest rate per month. Then add one to the interest rate per month. Raise the sum to the power of 12. Subtract 1. This is th... Read More »

How to Change Credit Card Rates?

Credit card interest rates often are higher than any other form of monetary loan, such as student loans, mortgages and car loans. If you pay only the minimum due on your credit card balance each mo... Read More »