How to Cut Costs in a Laboratory?

Answer Most laboratories must work with a limited budget, either to maximize earnings or to conserve valuable resources. If you are ever put in charge of a laboratory or managing its budget, here are some... Read More »

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What Are the Significant Differences Between a Laboratory Assistant & a Laboratory Technician?

When doctors and other healthcare professionals order clinical tests to diagnose or treat patients, laboratory staff plays a key role in ensuring that accurate results are provided in an efficient ... Read More »

What does triglyceride 132 mean in a laboratory?

When a doctor orders a patient to have their cholesterol tested, the laboratory results will come via a complete fasting lipoprotein profile. The profile includes the patient's levels of LDL choles... Read More »

What is a laboratory apparatus?

A laboratory apparatus is a device that is necessary to complete the work of a laboratory experiment. For example, the laboratory apparatus for a biology lab would be a microscope. In a chemistry l... Read More »

What is a laboratory desiccator?

A desiccator is an airtight plastic or glass container that contains a moisture-absorbing compound (called a desiccant or drying agent) in the bottom. Chemists use desiccators to both dry compounds... Read More »