How to Cut Costs and Live Cheap?

Answer On AmazonIn our world of constant advertising, Americans are encouraged to spend constantly. Even a Yahoo article on reducing credit had links attached to acquire more credit cards. The following a... Read More »

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Where do i go looking for financial assistance for a summer camp in NY I live in Nebraska and it costs 7,000$?

If anyone can help you, it would be this agency.…

How to Live off the Grid for Cheap?

The thought of living off the land, self-reliant and self-sufficient, is still part of the American Dream. Whether you want to live off the grid because of an economic necessity, a deep desire to l... Read More »

How cheap and live below your means do you go?

I kind of go from one extreme to the other. I don't mind buying thrift store clothing and some Goodwill store household things, but if there is something I really want for my house, I'll splurge. I... Read More »

How to Live Simple and Cheap?

The computer, the bike, the phone etc. they can all have multiple uses.. Read this article and find out how to live cheap and simple by making some items have multiple uses.