How to Cut Coil Springs to Lower a Vehicle?

Answer Beside the obvious improvement in the looks of the vehicle, a lower ride height also decreases both a vehicle's center of gravity and its wind resistance. This pays off in better handling and fuel ... Read More »

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Types of Vehicle Coil Springs?

Most modern light vehicles employ coil springs in their suspension systems. A coil spring, known also as a helical spring, is a mechanical device that absorbs shock and maintains a force between co... Read More »

How to Lower Coil Springs?

While it's easy to purchase a set of lowering springs for your car, you can save some money by simply cutting the stock springs. This also gives you the ability to fine tune the ride height by remo... Read More »

How to Cut Coil Springs to Lower a Truck?

Lowering a truck's suspension can have several benefits, chief amongst them better handling. By lowering the suspension, the center of gravity is lowered, increasing grip and responsiveness. A lowe... Read More »

Do coil springs go bad?

Yes, a coil spring can go bad. There is no standard life expectancy, and they don't experience a lot of wear. However, they are essentially bent metal supporting the weight of your automobile. I... Read More »