How to Cut Black Women's Hairstyles?

Answer If you have only cut naturally straight or loosely curly hair, the tight curls and texture of African-American hair can be intimidating. Creating the complex and creative hairstyles that give black... Read More »

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Womens' Bob Hairstyles?

Women's bob hairstyles come in a variety of forms, from classic and conservative to modern and choppy. A bob's length can range from just below the shoulders to above the jaw, with or without a fri... Read More »

Womens Hairstyles From the 1940s & '50s?

The 1940s and 1950s were known for intricate, romantic women's hairstyles. Women often put pin curls in their hair and left them in overnight to set the hair into curls. These curls were then inco... Read More »

Emo Black Hairstyles?

Emo refers to a style of fashion and music influenced somewhat by punk rock that has characteristics of melodrama and longing. Emo hair has a range of acceptable hairstyles, and ebony black hair is... Read More »

How to Do Different Black Hairstyles?

Black hair has a unique texture and different styling needs than most other types of hair. As black hair is porous, it accepts and loses moisture easily. Thus, the hair can become quite brittle, dr... Read More »