How to Cut Beef or Pork?

Answer Whether you make the tastiest steak or the juiciest pork tenderloin, you can easily ruin it by cutting it in the wrong way. Muscles fibers create lines on the surface of the meat that run in one di... Read More »

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Does Tyson Foods recent recall include pork and beef or just beef?

Is beef that is fed on pork kosher?

Kosher rules forbid the consumption of carnivores and scavangers. To be considered kosher, an animal must "chew the cud." Cows that have consumed any meat at all, then, are no longer kosher.Source:... Read More »

Is pork or beef eaten in Myanmar?

Religious practices determine whether the people of Myanmar (formerly Burma) eat pork or beef. Both meats are available in the country. The Burmese population is 89 percent Buddhist and 4 percent M... Read More »

Do you LOVE chicken, beef or pork?