How to Cut Acrylic With a Dremel?

Answer A Dremel is commonly used for many applications, including cutting glass. Acrylic is a clear plastic also commonly called plexiglass. It is much stronger than glass and serves the same purpose. Com... Read More »

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Can I paint acrylic enamel over acrylic lacquer?

Acrylic enamel paint and acrylic lacquer paint aren't meant to be layered one on top of another when painting a car. However, if the vehicle's surface is prepared with the correct primer, you can a... Read More »

What is a Dremel used for?

Dremel rotary tools are used for sawing, finishing, sanding, polishing, cleaning, engraving, grinding and drilling, among other uses. Dremel oscillating tools are used for cutting, grinding, sandin... Read More »

How to Cut Tile With a Dremel?

Any job laying tile requires custom cutting tiles to fit awkward and small spaces. Professionals usually use a tile saw for this job, but these big power tools are too expensive for the homeowner o... Read More »

How to Use a Dremel Tool?

The Dremel Company created a rotary tool called a Dremel more than 70 years ago, which now has different versions, attachments and accessories.[citation needed] This spinning tool is a staple in ma... Read More »