How to Cut Acrylic With a Dremel?

Answer A Dremel is commonly used for many applications, including cutting glass. Acrylic is a clear plastic also commonly called plexiglass. It is much stronger than glass and serves the same purpose. Com... Read More »

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How do I engrave with a Dremel?

SetupSelect an appropriate size diamond-tipped Dremel bit for the work you are planning to do. Attach a flex shaft to the Dremel to give yourself more maneuverability while working.PlanningPlan out... Read More »

How to Cut Plastic With a Dremel?

The Dremel company produces a line of cordless, handheld rotary tools that perform a variety of tasks including sanding, cutting and polishing. Their tools are often simply called Dremels and are u... Read More »

How to Cut Dog Nails With Dremel?

If your dog is nervous or doesn't like having its feet handled, cutting your dog's nails is a job best left to professionals. However, using a Dremel rotary tool can be much less traumatic to your ... Read More »

How to Cut Tile With a Dremel?

Any job laying tile requires custom cutting tiles to fit awkward and small spaces. Professionals usually use a tile saw for this job, but these big power tools are too expensive for the homeowner o... Read More »