How to Cut Abusive People From Your Life?

Answer Having abusive people in your life can cause lasting emotional difficulties. Regardless of whether there is physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, you will be at risk to suffer from depression, isol... Read More »

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My mother has been verbally abusive all her life and when I am an adult she is still the same....mean I don't want to associate with her anymore how can I just let go.?

Answer You are not going to change your Mother. That is a hard thing to accept. You can try to do the following: when she starts to verbally put you down, tell her that you are not going to listen ... Read More »

Your girlfriend is 18 and her mom will not let her move out can she just take her things and leave her mom is crazy and abusive and still thinks that she can control every aspect of her life?

yeah she can move out without her moms permission once somebody turns 18 they're considered an adult.

Note I have been to MANY cousulers and such but nothing has worked Dear reader your father is verbally abusive you have delt with it your whole life what do I do?

Answer There's probably nothing you can do to stop the verbal abuse, short of staying away from him completely. But one thing you can do to help yourself (and possibly the relationship) is to forgi... Read More »

How many people stay in a abusive relationship every year?

Percentages of Victims Staying In An Abusive Relationship: There are no statistics indicating how many people stay in an abusive relationship because some abused victims keep it behind closed doors... Read More »