How to Customize a Car Dashboard?

Answer Doctoring your dash to suit your personal style is a great weekend project. Customization of the front and rear dash in your vehicle is a fun, easy way to enhance your car's aesthetics. Personalize... Read More »

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How to Customize a Dashboard Light?

A customized dashboard allows the car enthusiast to show off his personality and make improvements to a vehicle that really needs little improvement. Whether it's a matter of changing the lights or... Read More »

How to Customize Your Wordpress Dashboard?

Searching for a theme using the sidebarWhen you first start your Wordpress blog, there are some stock objects that come in the installation. If you aren't going to use it, however, there is no reas... Read More »

How Does a Dashboard Cover Protect a Car Dashboard?

Going to the nail salon can get expensive, especially when you have bigger things to spend your money on. This does not mean that your nails have to suffer because of it. Let's face it; having half... Read More »

How to Fix a Car Dashboard?

You may not consider your dashboard to be a particularly notable component of your car--certainly not in comparison to the engine, wheels or chassis--however, you will quickly start to pay attentio... Read More »