How to Customize Your Own Ring Mount?

Answer A customized ring mount can be an extension of your personality and tastes. A custom-designed mount can be made to a pre-existing design or a new combination of gemstones, precious metals and setti... Read More »

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Is Mount Vesuvius a part of the ring of fire?

Mt. Vesuvius, an active volcano located in central Italy, is not located in the "ring of fire." The "ring of fire" is a ring of active earthquake and volcanic land situated on the Pacific Ocean coa... Read More »

What size screws to mount vizio 47 inch tv to wall mount?

Most 47" Vizio televisions use a M6 (6 mm) metric screw no more than 50mm long. If you have a Vizio-branded mount, you can use screws as short as 20mm.

How to Mount an Outdoor Wall Mount Porch Light?

Mounting a new porch light is typically a simple process involving only three wires. A wide variety of lighting styles are available to compliment the appearance of the home. Additionally, lights ... Read More »

I need to turn a minolta mount lens to fit a nikon mount?

Can't be done. Even if you could find an adaptor that would let you mount the converted lens, you'd lose the ability to focus to infinity, due to the extra distance from the sensor.You'd be bette... Read More »