How to Customize Your Own Colored Rims?

Answer Adding color to your rims can add an extra cool look to a customized car or a classy look for an older, restored vehicle, or it can make an expensive car look luxurious with a shiny or dark colored... Read More »

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How to Customize Your Bicycle Rims?

A bicycle rim is the round metal hoop of a bike wheel that is attached by the spokes to the central hub. Usually, rims are either silver or anodized black. Over time they can get scratched or wobbl... Read More »

How to Customize Chrome Rims?

Chrome rims have their own style appeal on a car by lending a clean, metallic look to your wheels. If your rims have become dented and damaged over time or you just long for something different, yo... Read More »

How to Customize Wheels & Rims?

In original form, some wheels can look rather plain, with a monotone paint scheme and a boring overall look. If you're building a custom car, there are a few ways to go about customizing the wheels... Read More »

How to Make Chrome Rims Stand Out With Colored Backgrounds?

For some car enthusiasts, the chrome rims are all that is needed to spruce up the look of a car's wheels. However, over time, the rotors and calipers may become rusted, making the wheels look unatt... Read More »