How to Customize Uniforms?

Answer Do you have an ugly uniform you want to personalize? You don't know how? This is the perfect how to for you then!

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How to Customize Football Uniforms?

Football uniforms can be customized for intramural football games and for school jerseys as long as it does not violate the rules. Intramural football uniforms can be customized to a greater extent... Read More »

Which uniforms Navy officers are required to wear inside the White House service or dress uniforms?

This is a bit vague. If you are asking if a higher ranking service member in the Air Force can give orders to a service member in the Army, then yes, to a certain extent. All service personnel are... Read More »

Who designed SS uniforms?

The iconic all-black uniforms and regalia that distinguished the members of Adolf Hitler's elite Nazi organization the Shutzstaffel (SS) were designed by Professor Karl Diebitsch and graphic design... Read More »

Are school uniforms bad?

On One Hand: Uniforms Can Be BadThe Journal of Educational Research published a 1998 report discounting the effectiveness of uniforms in schools and said uniforms could have a negative effect on bo... Read More »