How to Customize Closets?

Answer Having a closet that fits all of your needs is a dream for most homeowners. With the wide array of closet kits available today, accomplishing that goal is within reach for most of us. The first ste... Read More »

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How to use two closets?

Separate your clothing by seasons. Keep the current seasonal clothes in your bedroom closet. Switch them with the changing seasons. Check out secondhand stores, yard/garage sales for a dresser. It ... Read More »

How do you organize your closets?

The best option is to get a free consultation from a designer whose specialty is organization, like the people at California Closets. Otherwise, to begin sorting your things, start with three or f... Read More »

How to Assemble Your Own Closets?

Assembling your own closets gives you the flexibility to customize your closet space to your needs. The cost is far lower than ordering a custom closet and if you have old closet parts, you can imp... Read More »

How to Buy Wardrobe Closets?

A wardrobe closet is a place to store clothing. Wardrobe closets can be simple affairs composed of a few shelves and a rack or two. A wardrobe closet can also be a more elaborate design with multip... Read More »