How to Cushion an Egg From a Fall?

Answer A number of materials can help cushion the fall of an egg so that the egg does not crack or break. Experiment to compare the results of dropping an egg onto materials such as Styrofoam, cotton and ... Read More »

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The Whoopee Cushion was originally manufactured by the JEM Rubber Company located in Toronto, Canada starting in 1930. It was sold by the Johnson Smith and Company in 1931 in their novelty mail ord... Read More »

How to Remove a Front Seat Cushion From the CTS?

While a damaged front seat cushion in your Cadillac CTS is not one of the primary concerns when carrying out maintenance on your vehicle, a damaged cushion can cause either the driver or passenger ... Read More »

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How to Fall and Recover from a Fall on Ice?

Falling on ice can cause some injuries and pain. If you fall properly you can prevent yourself from getting any kind of injury. There are a few techniques you can follow to prevent yourself from ge... Read More »