How to Curve the Soccer Ball?

Answer This article is mainly for midfielders and attackers, although defenders can use it too. Curving the ball is great for a free kicks or normal shots because it fools the goalkeeper. Bending the ball... Read More »

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How to Bend or "Curve" a Soccer Ball Around an Object?

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How to Kick a Soccer Ball for Youth Soccer Players?

How many times have we heard it shouted from both the coaches and the parents? “Kick with your laces, not your toe.” Sounds like an easy request, but you must understand you are trying to chang... Read More »

How to Curve a Bowling Ball?

Learning to throw a curve bowling ball takes a lot of time and practice, but the effort pays off with the new-found confidence you will have after mastering this skill and improving your bowling sc... Read More »

How do I curve a pool ball?

Initial PositionPosition the cue stick behind the cue ball like a normal pool shot. Elevate the butt end of the cue stick at least 3 feet above the playing surface. Aim the shooting end of the stic... Read More »