How to Curl Nappy Hair?

Answer According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, nappy is a term describing kinky hair. If you have nappy or very tightly coiled hair, it is fragile due to its thin and one-dimensional strands. As a re... Read More »

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Types of Coil Curl & Straw Curl Hair Weaves?

Coil curl and straw curl hair weaves are two very trendy hair weaving styles. Straw curls were made popular by the child actress Shirley Temple and coil curls are best for achieving that classic ro... Read More »

How to Keep My Hair From Getting Nappy?

Bad hair days come in all forms; frizzy hair, flat hair, curly hair, dull hair. “Nappy,” or hair that is tightly curled, can be especially frustrating because taming those tangles takes time an... Read More »

How to Turn Nappy Hair Into Silky Hair?

In order to turn nappy hair into silky hair, the key ingredient is moisture. Nappy hair is very dry because the naturally tight coils prevent the hair cuticles from lying flat. There are a few tips... Read More »

How to Make Hair Nappy?

Nappy hair can be a trendy style that makes every girl envious. However, it's essential to take the proper steps in order to make it look glamorous. Creating nappy hair that looks teased to perfect... Read More »