How to Curl Black People's Hair?

Answer Black hair, which is naturally dry, cannot be curled with a curling iron, because it will over-frizz and perhaps singe the hair. Curling gel or pomade allows for a non-heated alternative to the tra... Read More »

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How to Straighten Black Peoples' Hair?

Because black people's hair is kinkier, it is difficult for the oil secreted by the scalp to get to the ends of the hair. It is fragile, and the structure of the hair is prone to breakage. The most... Read More »

S-Curl Hair Tips for Black Men?

Luster's S-Curl is a curling cream that can be applied to black hair to give a "wave" effect. S-Curl can be used by men or women, but it is unlike most creams in that it's designed with male scalps... Read More »

How to Curl Natural Black Hair?

Contrary to popular belief, natural black hair is not difficult to manage. Although the strands are tight spirals, it is still possible to create many of the hairstyles that are common for straight... Read More »

Is it OK to Relax the Curl in My Natural Black Hair?

Social networking sites, like Facebook, MySpace and Flickr, offer their members photo-sharing tools that make uploading photographs a simple and fun process. However, a study conducted by the Unive... Read More »