How to Cure the Intake Manifold Gasket Leak Problem in a Chevy 5.7?

Answer The 5.7-liter or 350 cubic inch Chevrolet engine is one of the more popular Chevrolet engines. You can find this engine in many of the muscle cars of old, such as the Camaro and the Chevelle. Chevr... Read More »

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Intake Manifold Leak Vs. Head Gasket Leak?

A head gasket seals an engine as well as the pathways of oil and coolant within the engine. An intake manifold gasket seals the cylinder heads and the intake manifold together. Information on these... Read More »

What Are the Causes of an Intake Manifold Gasket Leak?

The intake manifold gasket is designed to seal the gap between the intake manifold and cylinder heads. When the intake manifold gasket is damaged, it can begin to leak and can cause a variety of pr... Read More »

How to Replace Intake Manifold Gasket on a Chevy 3.1?

The intake manifold on the Chevrolet 3.1 engine, which is commonly used in Luminas, is a two-piece manifold. If the upper manifold gasket leaks, it introduces excess air into the engine, causing th... Read More »

How to Replace the Intake Manifold Gasket on a Chevy 454?

While not common, intake manifold gaskets have been known to fail or leak, requiring that they be replaced. The Chevy 454 CI engine intake manifold must be removed in order to replace these gaskets... Read More »