How to Cure an Inflamed Liver?

Answer To cure an inflamed liver, you must first have a liver function test. This test is conducted to determine the extent of damage to the liver.

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Inflamed Liver?

The liver is one of the largest organs of the body. It weighs approximately 3 pounds and has many functions, such as; cleaning the blood, aids in food digestion, and stores energy. If the liver bec... Read More »

What side is your liver on and how can you tell if it is inflamed?

It's on the right and if it is inflamed you will appear to have a "beer belly".

Possible to cure esophagus cancer that has spread to liver by receiving a liver transplant?

If you have esophageal cancer that has spread to the liver, you have a lot more to worry about than just the liver transplant. If you don't treat the main cancer, it will just pop up somewhere els... Read More »

How to Cure and Reverse Fatty Liver Disease?

Failing to monitor your fat intake and regularly consuming unhealthy foods often leads to a buildup of fat in the body. Sometimes fat can accumulate in the liver and result in fatty liver disease. ... Read More »