How to Cure a Callus on the Foot?

Answer A callus, or corn, on the foot can be nasty if left untreated. If a callus grows, dries out and cracks, or gets infected, you'll have some pain walking. Typically, though, a callus is not a serious... Read More »

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What should i do if the callus on my foot cracked open?

You need to take care of your feet to prevent this from happening. Use lotion or oil or a pumice stone to keep a callus from building up to where it can crack. I have no suggestions for an open wou... Read More »

Extremely painful callus on foot?

go see a podiatristshe is an expert on feet and toes

How to Cure a Rabbit's Foot?

Salt has been used for thousands of years to dehydrate many different things. This article will explain how you can use salt to cure a rabbit's foot.

Is there a cure for drop foot?

Foot drop (drop foot) is symptomatic of an underlying muscular, neurological or anatomical condition. Someone with drop foot may have a hard time lifting the foot and walking. Whether drop foot can... Read More »