How to Cure Snake Hide?

Answer Snake hides make beautiful belts and boots and they may inspire conversation when visitors discover them displayed on your wall or draped over your chairs. Snake skins, especially rattlesnake skins... Read More »

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Is it possible to hide snake bites (lip piercings) from parents?

I have snakebites. This means that I have two piercings on opposite ends of my lower lip.I went to a french catholic high school, and had to cover them up in order to not get suspended. I bought cl... Read More »

How to Hide in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater?

Getting through this game without being seen can seem impossible, but positive thoughts, a creative mind, and using basic and advanced survival and sabotage tips can get you through the toughest of... Read More »

How much snake oil do I need to cure a broken thumb?

are you harvesting the oil yourself? it got its disfavorable reputation from greedy salesmen putting it in bottles, where it loses efficacy. i hope it's not your dominant thumb, tho. it's nearly... Read More »

My baby sister wakes up and starts crying because she says a snake with breasts is coming after her and she really looks like she is seeing it. What coukld be the reason for this and whats the cure?

if she is around 2/7 years of age then its it is poss able to have her crying at night I'm in a family of 12 so I'm used to it. the cure is probley warm milk and Cookie so she knows your there for ... Read More »