How to Cure Red Slime Algae in Marine Aquariums?

Answer A bacteria that makes it's own food makes your tank an unhealthy environment for your fish.After setting up and maintaining a beautiful marine aquarium, at some point later in time, when your nutri... Read More »

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How to Control Marine Red Slime Algae?

The red slime algae that develops in some saltwater tanks is not really algae. It is actually a form of bacteria called cyanobacteria. It thrives on the nutrients in the water, including leftover f... Read More »

How to Kill Algae in Salt Water Aquariums?

Saltwater aquariums can be an expensive hobby and the problems that can occur may be fatal for your tank's residents. Algae are a common problem with saltwater aquariums that can quickly take over ... Read More »

What is marine algae?

Algae is a single-celled organism that can grow in either freshwater or saltwater. Marine algae refers to algae that lives in saltwater conditions. Saltwater algae is primarily red, brown and, occa... Read More »

What is red marine algae?

A bloom of red marine algae occurs in coastal areas worldwide when conditions are right for sudden algae growth. This causes the coastal water to turn red. Some blooms are non-toxic, but a problem ... Read More »