How to Cure Hiccups by Holding Your Breath?

Answer Everyone seems to have their own goofy method to stop hiccups. This method technically addresses the physical "misalignment" that causes hiccups - and stops it in its tracks.

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Any suggestions for hiccups my hubby has had them for 5 days besideds drinking water and holding breath?

Drink a well carbonated soda as much as you can in one breath until you can't do it anymore. About 4 good gulps, and my hiccups are gone.I also sometimes do this upside down too. For real, I don't ... Read More »

Can you die from holding your breath?

Is holding your breath while pregnant hurt the baby?

I would think that if you, yourself, are not harmed by holding your breathe (meaning, you don't hold it longer than your body can handle without passing out) then your baby shouldn't be either. The... Read More »

What's your cure for the hiccups?

I lean back and relax and pay attention to my breathing while focusing on something distant, like a light or a spot on the wall. Hiccups are just spasms of the diaphragm, so if you can relax yours... Read More »