How to Cure Dry Mouth?

Answer Dry mouth is a common temporary occurrence, but, when the problem becomes chronic, it may be time to learn how to cure dry mouth. In addition to becoming uncomfortable, the lack of saliva in the mo... Read More »

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How to Cure a Bitter Mouth?

There are more than 200,000 people who go to a doctor each year for problems such as taste disorders, and more cases go unreported. While our taste buds allow us to enjoy the sensations of sweet, s... Read More »

How to cure mouth cuts?

It sounds weird, but put baby teething gel on it. It reduces swelling, numbs the area, stops it getting infected, and makes it heal faster.

How do i cure the metallic taste in my mouth?

A strong, persistent foul metallic taste in the mouth is known as dysgeusia, or distortion of sense of taste. The unpleasant, acidic taste can linger throughout the day, even when the afflicted pe... Read More »

What is the cure for mouth thrush?

The fungus candida causes oral or mouth thrush, an infection that causes white bumps or growths inside of the mouth. Thrush in the mouth can become painful over time. The condition most commonly af... Read More »