How to Cure Dry Hair?

Answer You can have the hair of your dreams!Having dry hair is horrible. Don't you want silky soft hair again? Well, you can!

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Can I use hair wax to hide Or cure from my hair sticking up (cow lick)?

yes it will fix it but it will come back when you wash the wax out. you cant fix it forever unless your hair gets long enough so it weighs down, or it's too short it wont stick up.just be sure to u... Read More »

Cure for Dry Hair?

Your hair can be a very tricky thing. Some days it may be too oily and difficult to deal with, and other days it may be extremely dry. If you happen to consistently have dry hair, you need to take ... Read More »

How to Cure Bee Waxed Hair?

Locticians and hairstylists use beeswax-based products to prevent frizzing of dreadlocks, cornrows, braids, and twists. While the dreadlock community is split on the regular use of wax to create or... Read More »

Isn't there really a cure for thick hair?

1. something ultra old fashioned : appriciate what you've got (blah blah...)2. if you ask about chemicals I guess you already know that almost all of hair products (straighteners, curling agents ,... Read More »