How to Cure Burning Eyes?

Answer Burning eyes can be the result of a number of factors, including overuse and strain, allergies, dryness or infection. To determine the cause of your discomfort, it is important to visit an eye care... Read More »

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Why are my eyes burning?

It's because when you are intently doing something that requires alot of concentration you don't blink as much, when you don't blink as much your cornea doesn't get lubricated by your natural tears... Read More »

Eyes are burning so much?

Sounds like allergies. try an allergy medicine like clairtin.

I just got contacts and my eyes are burning...?

That is not normal at all! Take them out this instant and call your eye doctor!

My eyes won't stop burning...?

Step 1:toss some cold water into your eyes for about :30sec - 1minStep 2: Blink for about 15 secStep 3: Dry your eyes with a soft towel It will be somewhat uncomfortable when your doing it, but it... Read More »