How to Cure "Being Left Out Itis"?

Answer Mother Teresa herself said that there is no worse feeling then that of being unwanted and left out. Whether it's a party, an outing or a clique in school that doesn't welcome you, it's hard not to ... Read More »

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How can I cure this. Can't hear out of left ear?

It's possible that your ear is impacted with wax. That is something you can buy ear drops or cleaning kits for. In my experience with ear problems, it's generally best to go to an ear doctor. Th... Read More »

How to Get Over Being Left Out?

Your friends haven't called for a while, and you're sitting at home with a box of chocolates watching soapies or re-runs, or everyone's doing something or going somewhere, which you didn't get to d... Read More »

Is there any research being done for a cure for asthma?

Answer There is always research being done because asthma is so common and can cause a lot of breathing problems. But there has been no cure found or cause of asthma. Try doing a search on the inte... Read More »

What does being to the left mean?

The term "being to the left" describes a more liberal political philosophy in the U.S. This point of view advocates social welfare, progressive taxation and government regulation. To the left the c... Read More »