How to Cull Cattle?

Answer A bull that should be culled and/or steered...Culling cattle is very important in any cattle operation because a producer gets rid of those animals that are inferior to the genetic qualities of the... Read More »

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How to Cull Fry?

Fish FryIf you have bred fish, this is an important step. Culling prevents dull or deformed fish from entering the market. After several generations, you can produce fish more vibrant and beautiful... Read More »

How to cull out Wikipedia from internet searches?

You might try adding "-wikipedia" after your search term. For example, if you wanted to search for CPU then you would enter CPU -wikipedia as your search -- that should cut down on returns from wik... Read More »

How many cattle go in a cattle hauler?

Cattle haulers, also called stock trailers, vary in size and shape and therefore can hold from one to a few hundred cattle. The amount of cattle a livestock hauler can hold also depends on the size... Read More »

How to Tag Cattle?

Cattle tags identify the animal or serve as a method of insect control. The tags are installed in the ear. For identification, most ear tags are made of plastic or metal. Numbers and letters are wr... Read More »