How to Crunk Dance?

Answer Are you absolutely jealous of how people in hip hop videos dance? Some of them even dance hardcore. We call that "crunk dancing."

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What dance mat will work with Dance Dance Revolution 2 for the Wii?

The only dance mat that can be used with "Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2" for the Nintendo Wii is the mat that the game comes with. It is not compatible with the mats from "Dance Dance Rev... Read More »

Does the Wii Dance Dance Revolution 2 dance mat have a cable?

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2, released in 2008, was packaged with a cabled dance mat. Future dance mat versions were incorporated Wii's wireless technology, but sensitivity and timing is... Read More »

Does the Wii Dance Dance Revolution game need a dance mat?

"Dance Dance Revolution" games for Nintendo Wii require dance pads. The Wii cannot read players' dance movements if a dance mat is not present. Players should buy dance pads that are specifically c... Read More »

How to Make Crunk Juice?

Crunk Juice is a high-energy mixed drink made by mixing Hennessey Cognac or a different liquor of choice with an energy drink such as Red Bull.