How to Cross the U.S. Border Into Mexico?

Answer Have you ever driven to Mexico and have had trouble with crossing the US border? A lot of us have with those mile long lines.

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Do I need a birth certificate to cross the border to Mexico?

US citizens do not need a birth certificate to cross the border to Mexico but they must have a valid US passport or tourist card to travel beyond the border zone to the interior of Mexico. The bord... Read More »

Can a rental car cross the border into Canada?

Driving a rental vehicle across the U.S./Canadian border is no different than driving your own car. However, you must have valid rental documents that show you as the renter/licensed driver. Just t... Read More »

Do I need a passport to cross into Mexico by land?

You are only required to present proof of citizenship and a photo ID to enter Mexico by land from the United States, but as of June 1, 2009, you are required to have either a valid U.S. passport, U... Read More »

How to Turn a Square Border Into a Round Border?

Convert the sharp, 90-degree angled corners on a frame into rounded corners by using one tool. Rounded corners create a softer look to any shape and will make the corners of the frame stronger. A p... Read More »