How to Cross the Road in Indonesia?

Answer Learn immediately or quickly become a statistic. In Indonesia, as in many countries of the world, pedestrians are legitimate candidates for roadkill, or a nuisance, at best.

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How to Cross a Road in India?

Crossing a road in India, especially in cities, might be an extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous task. Traffic rules there can be different, and roads are very congested. And for foreigners,... Read More »

How to Cross the Road in Hanoi?

crossing the roadHanoi is the second biggest city in Vietnam, when you visit Hanoi especially in the old quarter the road is full with motor bikes and cars, the sidewalk is very narrow and the sell... Read More »

Cross Vs. Road Bikes?

Cyclo-cross began as a way for road cyclists to stay in shape between races, but the alternating-terrain courses inevitably lead to specialized bikes. Cross bikes differ from road bikes in frame de... Read More »

Which way do you look first when u cross the road also i have diabetes.?

having diabetes has nothing to do with what your asking. unless your in the UK you would look left first. cars coming from the left would be the first ones that would be able to hit you as you cros... Read More »