How to Cross Your Eyes?

Answer Want to annoy your parents, amuse your friends, or add a little something extra to your comedy routine? "Crossing" your eyes (angling them inward toward the center of your face), is a fun, easy tri... Read More »

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If you cross your eyes.....Can your eyes really get stuck like that forever?

no, there are muscles that bring your eyes back to have to hold them crosseyed, if you relax them they go right back to normal.saying theyl get stuck that way is just a way for moms to k... Read More »

Why do I keep trying to cross my eyes?

Try wearing your glasses all the time, it may be because your eyes are overstraining themselves by trying to see without them, so the muscles are tired. This will make your vision worse in the long... Read More »

If I cross my eyes for long enough....?

You could end up like Ralphie selling pencils on the street corner. Wait... No, that's Lifeboy soap.Nevermind. OvO

Does Blue Cross PPO pay for glass eyes?

A Blue Cross PPO will pay for a percentage of a prosthetic eye. It will not cover the entire cost of the prosthetic eye, but will pay for some costs depending on the specific plan.References:Anthem... Read More »