How to Cross Multiply?

Answer Cross multiplying is 1 of the simplest and fastest ways of solving 2 fractions with variables, set equal to each other--in other words, a proportion. The variable is a placeholder for an unknown nu... Read More »

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How to Cross Multiply & Divide?

To solve algebraic equations, you are probably used to isolating the variable by stripping off numbers added or subtracted to it and multiplying and dividing to get rid of numbers in front of it or... Read More »

How to Compare Fractions and Cross Multiply?

Fractions consist of a numerator and a denominator -- the numerator is the number on top and the denominator is the number on the bottom. For example, in the fractions 2/3=4/5, the numerators are 2... Read More »

How to Cross Multiply Improper Fractions?

Mathematicians use cross-multiplication when an equation has two fractions set equal to each other, but one value -- a numerator or a denominator -- is a variable. Cross-multiplication solves for t... Read More »

Who's at fault in a three car accident when the first car stops to let pedistrians cross in the middle of the street and not at the cross walk They were jay walking?

Answer Not the first car that stopped. It is legal to stop a car on the street. Sounds like you and the guy behind you. Sorry. Answer pedistrians always have the right of way Answer pedistrians ... Read More »