How to Cross Foot Stall on Heelys?

Answer A stall that is done with your feet having the outer face of your shoe facing each other. and really easy.

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How to Stall On Heelys?

Stalling on Heelys is simply balancing on a rail using your grinding plates.

How to Toe Stall a Foot Bag?

Amaze your friends and look cool in the park with a foot bag, or hackeysack, balanced perfectly atop your foot.

Do cross country skis have a right&left foot?

Nordic skiing is often referred to as cross-country skiing. The skis use a combined clip-in boot/binding system. A grooved metal rod is attached to the bottom of the toe of the boot that fits into ... Read More »

How to Turn a Public Bathroom Stall Into Your Own Private Bathroom Stall?

This will tell you how you can pick a stall in a public bathroom, and turn it into your own. This way you wont have to use a dirty toilet stall, or a possibly bacteria-covered toilet seat.