How to Crop an Image in Chasys Draw IES Using the Razor Tool?

Answer Completed cropped image Crop it a little differentlyLearning to use "Chasys Draw IES" is a test of your detective skills in some ways, but it is that difference that makes it even more fun to use. ... Read More »

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How to Use the Crop and Rotate Tool in Chasys Draw IES?

Corrected horizonSometimes, when you take a picture, you aren't paying attention or your arm gets hit, or something happens...but your horizon is all 'jacked' up. Chasys Draw IES makes it an easy fix!

How to Separate an Element in an Image With Chasys Draw IES?

Type of DaisySometimes you want to pull a piece of an image out of it to use it in other programs or images. Chasys makes it easy.

How to Create an Image With a Transparent Background Using Chasys Draw IES?

Altered flowerChasys Draw IES is a program that is different from the norm, and in this day of so many cookie cutter businesses and software, that is not a bad thing. Here is how you create a trans... Read More »

How to Add Brushes to Chasys Draw IES?

As time goes by, you might find some brushes that you want to add to Chasys Draw or you might create some brushes. Read this article to learn how to install them to your computer.