How to Crooked Grind to Noseslide in One Combo?

Answer A crooked grind to noseslide is a combo of a backside grind and a noseslide. It will take a while to learn. It is strongly suggested that you know how to crooked grind before trying this trick.

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How to Crooked Grind on a Skateboard?

Show off at the skate park with this sweet trick, the crooked grind! Grab your skateboard and get ready to follow in these steps.

How to Crooked Grind on a Tech Deck?

Here are some instructions on how to do a crooked grind on a tech deck.

How to Noseslide?

A nose-slide is like a board-slide but it is done on the nose. For those of you not in-the-know, this is a skateboarding trick.

What to do about Crooked Legs?

Usually the feet turn out because of the hip joint or muscle tone. Try doing some hip and leg exercises to strengthen your muscles. Try to walk with your feet straight all the time, the pain shou... Read More »