How to Crooked Grind on a Skateboard?

Answer Show off at the skate park with this sweet trick, the crooked grind! Grab your skateboard and get ready to follow in these steps.

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How to Crooked Grind on a Tech Deck?

Here are some instructions on how to do a crooked grind on a tech deck.

How to Crooked Grind to Noseslide in One Combo?

A crooked grind to noseslide is a combo of a backside grind and a noseslide. It will take a while to learn. It is strongly suggested that you know how to crooked grind before trying this trick.

How to Do Your First Grind on a Skateboard?

So you want to do your first grind, eh? First, you've got to be able to ollie high enough to make it on to small ledges. Also make sure that you are confident on your board, and well balanced.

How to Do a Nose Grind on a Skateboard?

A nose grind is a similar trick to a 5-0. Here's a guide to learning how to do this grind.