How to Crochet a Mantilla?

Answer A mantilla is a silky or lacy scarf worn over a woman's head and shoulders. This accessory originated in Spain and Latin America. Rather than buying a mantilla, buy a thin, lightweight yarn and cro... Read More »

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How to Pick a Mantilla Veil?

Traditionally made of Chantilly or Blonda lace, the mantilla veil, with its delicate appearance and intricate design, will surely add an air of sleek sophistication and classic, old world elegance ... Read More »

What kind of lace should one use to make a mantilla?

If you want a traditional look for your mantilla, use Chantilly lace, a type of lace that originated in Chantilly, France. Blonde lace, similar in look to Chantilly, is also used for a traditional ... Read More »

How to Crochet a Scarf Using Single Crochet?

I'm not sure if this is single crochet or not but if you get really good you might end up making something really nice like this.Wow, crocheting is super fun! If you need to make a scarf and you're... Read More »

How to Crochet a Hat?

Ever see a cool crochet beanie and wonder how it was made? Here are some basic instructions to help you make your own crocheted hat.