How to Crochet a Flat Circle?

Answer One of the reasons crafters who work with yarn love crochet is the ease with which you can make circles. However, the difference between a flat circle and one that curls in on itself (for example, ... Read More »

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How to Crochet a Circle?

You will be able to crochet a circle after you complete these steps. The circle is the foundation for many other crochet stitches.

How to Crochet a Circle With Increases?

Most crochet project begins with a circle. To make it wider, the circle needs to be increase. This article will show you how to crochet a circle and increase it.

How to Crochet a Circle for Circles of Hope?

Grannys Daughter Circle Motif"Circle of Hope" is a service organization that utilizes a "Granny's Daughter" crocheted circle motif to make afghans, hats, and other crocheted items for preemies, ani... Read More »

A circle is 2106 sq ft. find the radius of the circle to the nearest foot (use 3.14 for pi)?

Since area = r*r*pi, and we want to find the radius, let's set this up like an equation, using r as the variable that represents the radius (and the value we're looking for). Let's also write it as... Read More »