How to Critique the Research Design of a Study?

Answer Research and clinical studies can offer insights into causes and effects of physical or mental disorders, appropriate treatments, side effects of treatment, safety of treatment, as well as providin... Read More »

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How to Design a Research Pilot Study?

Pilot studies play a vital role in the development of scientific research. By providing a preliminary sketch of the research design and probable outcomes, pilot studies allow researchers to deal wi... Read More »

How to Conduct a Mixed Method Design Research Study?

Research forms the foundation of scientific advancement in a society. You can perform research through a variety of methods. Individual case studies, massive population surveys, physical data, psyc... Read More »

How to Critique Research Investigation?

Research is important in many aspects of life, whether for education or for personal use. Materials used for research include books, magazine articles, newspapers, and website resources. The most a... Read More »

How to Critique a Research Project?

Learning how to critique a research paper is a way of improving your own skills as a scientist. By critiquing a research project you are forced to evaluate the works of others, which will help you ... Read More »