How to Critique Poetry?

Answer The objective of critiquing a poem is to help the author improve it. You don't have to like the poem. Liking a poem is subjective. You just need to point out the strong and weak elements. The autho... Read More »

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How to Critique a Textbook?

Textbooks are valuable tools in a classroom setting. They provide reference information for students as well as an easy guide for teachers in creating lesson plans and choosing classroom activities... Read More »

How to Critique a Film?

Films can be exciting, enlightening, heartbreaking or hilarious, and the good ones always stand out. Films that generate a lot of buzz provoke interesting discussions and many people are quick to o... Read More »

How to Critique Artwork?

An art critique is an evaluation of a work of art. While it is true that artistic taste is relative, there are certain characteristics of artwork that can be assessed as a means of measuring the ar... Read More »

Photo critique?

first off let me say they are dramatic and I think you have a natural talent. I want to use the two people in front of a window as my comp background. You are really good... I am impressed these ar... Read More »