How to Critique Drawings?

Answer Critiquing art is a practice in vocabulary and open-mindedness. All art has value if approached in a constructive manner. Whether you're an art student, visiting a museum or attending a gallery sho... Read More »

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How to Shade Drawings?

Proper shading adds realism and depth to a drawing. It can be utilized in detailed work or in rough sketching to add more shape and believability to a subject. Understanding the parts of shadow on ... Read More »

How to Airbrush Drawings?

Through a variety of tools, filters and palettes, the most novice photographer, artist or graphic designer may add elements to his work to enhance and highlight the image. If you're interested in m... Read More »

How to Get Good at Pencil Drawings?

It's easy to feel jealous because everyone else is so much better at drawing than you are. Fear no more! This is the solution to your problem.

How to Read Architect's Drawings?

The first requirement in constructing a building project is to understand architectural drawings (blueprints, or in this article, referred to as plans). Here is a basic overview of reading these pl... Read More »